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He said: “He’s going off with his girlfriend and I’m living with my girlfriend.” The couple are private about their relationship and did not reveal they were dating until 2016.

Harington said on the Jonathan Ross Show that the two made it official when they began filming in Iceland. I fell in love with my co-star.” Before snapping up their house in East Anglia, Harington admitted on The Late Late Show with James Cordon in June that the duo already lived together.

Google Domains is not my primary domain registrar (which is Name Cheap).

As a Googlephile and SEO consultant, I pretty much had to register a domain with Google Domains the day they started.

In fact, much like buying a home with the best address in town, your domain name is probably one of the biggest choices you have to make because picking the wrong domain name can be like buying the perfect house in the wrong zip code — bad investment choice. Choosing a domain name, though important, isn’t hard to do, but it does take some time and thought on your end.

Before you just jump in and buy the first domain name that suits your fancy, here are some things to consider to make sure you’re picking from the cream of the crop.

Leslie was introduced to Game of Thrones in season two when she becomes Snow’s captive while the Night’s Watch travel north of the Wall, and their characters were scripted to fall in love.

The actors were previously rumoured to have been searching for a place in Manhattan, but have instead settled on a 15th century timber house in East Anglia - much more in keeping with the series that brought them together.

Google rolled out the product in 2014, and it’s still in “beta” as of 2016.

During the survey period, I checked the name a couple of times on Go Daddy to make sure it's still available.

So when I today go to purchase the domain, hear hear, it is already taken.

And WHOIS it if not Go Daddy owned company Domain's By Proxy? Interesting, I actually posted this to someone 9 days ago:

id=2292453Here was my comment: I'm not sure who doesn't do it.