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RELATED | People are understandably having a hard time digesting Carter’s death. I totally trust the writers to handle Carter with grace and class, and they did. w=300&h=222 300w" sizes="(max-width: 325px) 100vw, 325px"want to go out, as would any person who serves and protects for their country or for their city or state. you’d rather go out taking a bullet while serving and protecting than, like, being sick in a deathbed. TVLINE I understand that you and Jim [Caviezel] kind of took a flyer with that kiss, that it wasn’t in the script? And I’m really a very spontaneous actress, so if somebody is going to try something new, I like them to just do it. When you’re in a vulnerable place in life, humans do the most honest things.

w=300&h=210 300w, sizes="(max-width: 360px) 100vw, 360px" this week shocked, and in some cases devastated, viewers by killing off a main character, played by original cast member Taraji P. But make no mistake, the onetime Academy Award nominee (for her turn in EPs told TVLine earlier this week, the entire cast was told on Day 1, “Nothing lasts forever.”) Here, Henson tries to tender comfort to her fans, offers her POV from the other end of That Kiss and shares her hope that Joss Carter’s legacy is for other shows to “shake it up a bit” with diverse casting. I was like, “Jonah, you do realize we’re breaking up on Valentine’s Day? But don’t worry, it’s going to be incredible.” But I wasn’t worried, because the writing has always been superb. He came over to me and was like, “I want to do something…,” and I said, “Don’t tell me, just do it.” And that’s where the kiss came from and that whole look on my face, because I really was like, “What the hell did we just do? They never said, “Hey, that kiss….” And that’s what happens.

She works out with him 5 to 7 days in a week and they do weight training, along with short sprints on treadmill.

She can do weighted squats with more than 180 pounds weight on her back.

Elle étudie la comédie à l'université de Howard et commence sa carrière à Hollywood en interprétant de nombreux rôles pour la télévision.

Sa carrière prend une toute autre tournure suite à sa participation au projet L'Étrange Histoire de Benjamin Button, pour lequel elle est, en 2009, nommée aux Oscars du cinéma dans la catégorie Oscar de la meilleure actrice dans un second rôle.

'" VIDEO: Everything You Need to Know About 'Empire,' TV’s Most Talked-About New Show!Then you come out and there’s cell phones...we’re almost The Jetsons!' Frazier showed Henson a pre-recorded special message from her Howard and creator and executive producer Lee Daniels."The thing about Cookie is that she’s trying to fit back into a very new society," Henson explained."Imagine you being tucked away for 17 years, no internet, no kind of means to the outside world.