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Now a very welcome post-script to my recent blog about the rape crisis on campus.

Yesterday I wrote about the release of the Human Rights Commission survey which is being totally misrepresented by the ABC and most of our other media sources.

Well, unfortunately the gentleman had a Sacajawea coin sized pus-filled blister on his back that popped during the massage.

On more than one occasion, previous clients have asked if we could remain friends during or after our therapy sessions.

Lea has been quietly dating Matthew Paetz for the last few months ...Therefore, other types of relationships that evolve during or after the therapeutic relationship are not normally encouraged. Will it affect whether you decide to show up or not?SANTA CRUZ – A 70-year-old former Capitola child psychologist, who recorded himself molesting patients and had 1,200 files with child pornography, will serve 16 years in prison, a Santa Cruz County Superior Court judge ruled Tuesday.I’ve spent the last few days looking after Cassie Jaye, the filmmaker who produced the wonderful documentary on men’s issues – The Red Pill.Australia became the first country in the world to ban the movie last October. It’s been amazing having Karen Straughan stay with me prior to the international men’s conference ICMI next weekend.