Ruby gem bulk updating

Not only has it kept up with Rails development, but it works with several databases. mysql2_makara, mysql2spatial, postgis, postgresql_makara, seamless_database_pool, spatialite – then those all work too.If you don't see an adapter you're using listed let us know.

Regardless, if you’ve ever found yourself doing this: Sadly, no such feature exists for that in Active Record natively.

This is done in a background job, but the initial import done when a new user has installed our saas app requires them waiting for it to complete..

this is why we want to "speed up" the process as much as possible.

Each associated model looks very similar to this: I've looked into the activerecord-import gem but unfortunately it seems to be more geared towards creation of records in bulk and not update as we require. How would you go about improving this based on your experience? UPDATE: The database is performing quite well as it should, 500 orders with 10-15 associated objects each is about 5500-8000 queries.

This is completed in about a minute, so it's handling roughly 100 queries per seconds.. Just hoping there is a way that we can reduce the amount of queries needed to accomplish the creation/update of all that data.