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So they basically MADE this news knowing that taunting him and shouting swears at him would piss him off.

I think this is disgusting behavior from the press, shouting insults and curse words around families to elicit a response from a celebrity. Also, if this is disputed I am prepared to go on record to expose the lengths this reporters will go to.

This video looks as if it were shot by somebody at the airport but was in fact shot by one of the paparazzi team.

We saw them all standing together laughing about this afterwards.

In 1991, Siler described their former relationship as volatile, comparing the years they lived together to "putting a nuclear warhead in your living room and hitting it with a hammer and just waiting."1985 Axl Rose dated Adriana Smith. Axl and Michelle were in a car one night when the song "Your Song" by Elton John came on.

During the mixing sessions at Mediasound Studios in NYC, Rose brought Adriana Smith, who was drummer Adler's girlfriend at the time, to the studio and had sex with her so that the sounds that Smith made could be recorded and put over the bridge of the song. Michelle ask Axl to write a song for her, and thus "My Michelle" was created.

Rose and Everly were married on April 28, 1990 in Las Vegas.

She suffered a miscarriage in October 1990, which deeply affected Rose, who had wanted to start a family.

For her to continue to talk about my Woman is honestly sad especially after 5yrs of us being together & a total of 6 1/2 years from me leaving her.

At Los Angeles International Airport, Rose got into a scuffle with a paparazzo that ended up with a few bloodied participants.

unknown date Axl Rose was rumored to be dating Caron Bernstein.unknown date Axl Rose was rumored to be dating Yvonne Kobayashi.unknown date Axl Rose was rumored to be dating Ellen Jabour.unknown date Axl Rose was rumored to be dating Lindi Hingston.

(Source: Sunday Mirror - July 8, 2007)unknown date Axl Rose dated Sheila Kennedy.