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As Chirinos got older, he thought back to those stories, and his interest in cockfighting increased further when he read Gabriel García Márquez’s novella, Chirinos spent two years watching the fights, talking to owners, and learning the lingo before he ever took out his camera.He then spent more than seven years on and off photographing the roosters and the cockfighting community in St. His photographs include interior landscapes as well as individual portraits of the birds. They're trying to become bigger than life so the other rooster can become scared.

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She also had a handgun that she kept in a locked box in her dresser.He notes that the dependence of whalers upon one another for successful hunting and therefore wages begets its own discipline, and that a whaling ship is less hierarchical than other vessels.Nevertheless, many captains make a great show of their rank.Interestingly having a gun at the time in the dorm was not illegal.Anyone who follows movies with any kind of regularity knows that the MPAA has some oddly specific qualifications when it comes to rating theatrically released films.